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My company (United States Senate Federal Credit Union) hired her for virtual yoga and light breathing sessions. For two months, she energized staff with light stretching moves and words of mediation and affirmation. My coworkers loved how the sessions made them feel. In summation, if you are on the fence as to whether to take the plunge and work with Sophia, do it!

- United States Senate Federal Credit Union

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Sophia was phenomenal in her instruction. As a yoga instructor, I felt that I was listening to my girlfriend teach class. Her voice and presence is so welcoming. If I did not like yoga, I would keep coming because her class is like spending time with a good friend.

- Danielle

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Taking PHITYoga with Sophia has definitely helped me to stretch the body to it's potential and helped release stress. I plan to incorporate yoga into my personal training with Sophia more consistently because I love the way I feel.

- Shay

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We brought Ms. Sophia in to teach yoga with our 3rd and 4th graders, however, she has brought more than yoga to our young queens. They have learned about affirmations, chakras, and mudras. At the end of the class, the girls reflect on how to use these tools in their daily life. The girls really are engaged with Ms. Sophia.

- Stanton Elementary School,

Community School Coordinator

I have the pleasure of working with Sophia as my personal trainer As a personal trainer, I couldn't ask for a more personable and caring person. If you've never had a consistent workout regimen, selecting a trainer can seem daunting. Sophia meets you where you are physically, and encourages you along the way.

She's genuinely a cheerleader and celebrates your successes, both big and small. Any trainer that plays 90s hip hop during regular workout sessions and Erykah Badu for yoga will always win in my book! Approximately six weeks ago, I added the nutrition component to my workout plan with her, and I'm already down 16 lbs.

- Teresa        

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