Physically and Mentally Stronger

SoPHIT4you is access to a Personal Health Identity Track to fit your current lifestyle that can be a combination  or selection of physical activity, nutritional coaching, and/or mindfulness exercises. 

Wellness Services


Sophia is a Certified Yoga Instructor. Offering group sessions or one on one sessions.  If you are not yet ready for a vigorous work out routine, yoga will allow you to tone the body in a different way.  There can also be advantages to incorporating meditation into your exercise routine and personal life.

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Sophia is a Certified Personal Trainer not just working to develop your body on the outside.  She will maximize the numerous benefits of strenth training that improve how you function on the inside.  The SoPHIT method will be made to develop you from where you are.  Weights are not required; just bring your enthusiasm!


Ever felt overwhelmed finding healthy choices in the grocery store?  Wondered how you can continue to eat your favorite dish after what the doctor said?  This option is for you!  Sophia holds a specialty certification in nutritional weight-loss.  During a walk through your local grocery store, we are able to go over the health/nutrients of the food and sections of the store.  You will understand how to shop and create healthy goals for yourself and/or your family on a budget.  We can go through your pantry and replace items that are holding you back in your progress. Afterwards, we can discuss tasty recipes for and your family to enjoy! 

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Current Deals

Nutritional Coaching  $75  (including grocery walk-through & meal plan)

Mobile personal training $60/session

Online Nutrition and Fitness Package $50 | Family $100


Washington, DC, USA