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About Sophia

Mentally and Physically Stronger

Through her journey as a track athlete, Certified Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder, Certified Peer Educator, and Yoga Instructor, Sophia Lorin has learned to value the importance of exercising the body and mind.  She believes strength is a result of consistent and progressive movement in both.  Sophia's mission is to create spaces that allow people to feel comfortable exercising their body and mind through conversation, meditation, breath work, yoga, and plyometrics. The body is comprised of muscles that work together to serve as art representing our whole being.  When exercised, the mind will lead us with love, joy, surrender, forgiveness, and understanding.  You can find her leading a yoga class or workshop within corporate offices, schools, and amongst her local community.  Sophia Lorin desires for everyone to feel strong within.  



Group Fitness

Group Fitness is a way to share in the fun or share a treat with your friend/coworker.  I offer group fitness sessions for special occasions or corporate settings.   For friends, we can be customized to focus on a specific energy or area of the body. For employees, we can highlight specific muscles that are often fatiqued from sitting at a desk for an extended amount of time.  My intention is to leave each participant with a new method that can safely practice at home.  

Mindfulness Workshops

Dear Queen,

This experience has been developed specifically for you. Through breathing techniques, conversation, and movement, we will cultivate self - love, self- efficacy, and self - esteem.  I offer this service to woman from the ages of 7- 60.  


Nutritional Coaching

Ever felt overwhelmed finding healthy choices in the grocery store?  Wondered how you can continue to eat your favorite dish after what the doctor said?  This option is for you!  Sophia holds a specialty certification in nutritional weight-loss.  During a walk through your local grocery store, we are able to go over the health/nutrients of the food and sections of the store.  You will understand how to shop and create healthy goals for yourself and/or your family on a budget.  We can go through your pantry and replace items that are holding you back in your progress. Afterward, we can discuss healthy techniques for you and your family to enjoy! 

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Physically & Mentally Stronger


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